Bugs in emulator - is there a new release planned for the summer of 2024?

I am a teacher in several schools for gifted youth (grades 6-9).
I am experiencing a lot of issues with the emulator on my school computers (HP desktops running Windows 10) which do not reproduce on my laptop (Dell). The major problem is that the text on buttons does not appear (pretty much like the problem reported by Akash Verma in this post: https://community.appinventor.mit.edu/t/when-will-mit-ai-emulator-for-version-2-66-release/83860.
Summer vacation is here, and this is the only time we can ask the IT technicians to install upgrades so I would like to know if there is a new version of the emulator planned for release in July-August 2024 (or alternately if there is a know workaround for this problem).
Thank you!

Our emulator knowledge base

If you have the latest emulator and " text on buttons does not appear " the issue may be insufficient memory in the desktops while your laptop does have enough.

Does the behavior occur on all Projects or just the larger ones?

What happens on the desktop if you run this example app that has a single Button as a test?

example22.aia (1.5 KB)

Does it show text on the desktops? It would be useful to know.

Do you have a sample project for us with this problem?

Thank you.
What is a "side load"? Never heard this term before...
The version of the companion app on the emulator is 2.66 whereas on my phone it is now 2.70, so I'd like to know hoiw to update the version on the emulator, but the problems started when both were 2.66...

Thanks for the helpful and detailed explanation about site load.
Regarding the original bug I reported - I will check it at the school tomorrow and report.

Hi again,
Going back to my original question - regardless of the resolution of the specific bug I reported (which I will follow up on in a separate reply) - is there a new release of the emulator planned for the summer of 2024? If so - when?

Probably not within the next two weeks.

EWPatton will be on vacation.

I checked in one of the schools. It seems that the problem was solved after the update to 2.70u.
Thank you for all the help.

2.71u ?