When will MIT AI Emulator for version 2.66 release?

I have checked that the emulator available on MIT App Inventor website is still the old one, i.e. for AI 2.65 version, which is not working since AI has been updated to 2.66.

Does anybody has any idea when it will be released or if someone can suggest me alternative way to help my school students test their app, as they don't have mobile phones in lab.

Thanks in advance.

Welcome Akash.

MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_30.265.0_win_setup64.exe (~1.5 GB) is the latest version.

See Installing App Inventor 2 Setup on Windows .

What is not working? Does the emulator does not load or it does not render a simple Project?

The emulator allows you to install Companion.apk. Download the latest Companion.apk to your drive, then drag the apk onto the emulator. You should see the installation progress in the console window.

Hi steveJG

Thank you for your response. Any of my projects are not being loaded properly in the emulator. Neither the UI nor the functionalities. Actually, can't even test functionalities without the UI.

Hi Patryk_F, used this method too. But, even the UI of app is not loaded properly.

This image has the UI originally developed for an app. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is how the emulator behaves or renders the app. :pensive:
XRL 11.12

A bit strange. I've already tested the app in this emulator and I haven't encountered such a problem.

Size in the Screen1 properties, are you set to responsive or fixed? Check the "fixed" setting because I don't know if the emulator supports responsive mode.

Does your app have a LocationSensor? Is it possible your emulator cannot use gps?
What happens if you try your app on a real device?

Yes, SteveJG, the app has a Location sensor, but it was working great before version 2.66 was released. Here is an example of another app in which I have added just UI components, no hidden components have been added yet.

On Designer:

On Emulator

I have tried making the screen fixed. But that made the appearance worse, Patryk_F.

Please have a look:
On designer:

On Emulator

You showed another project first. Now different. I am referring to the first project.