BLE bluetooth scan

hi, I'm trying to make an app to scan and connect / disconnect a BLE bluetooth module, but this but it doesn't show me the bluetooth, it's as if it doesn't scan them. I saw some examples and there is ' bluetoothLE1 ' instead of ' bluetoothclient 1 ' , I don't know if it dependes on this. if yes, do you know how I can add this bluetoothBLE1? I working via the page web. thanks in advanced :slight_smile: .

I installed and added the extension but when I click on the ' button ' to see the device scanning, the display becomes black.




I followed the basic connection pdf to scan my Bluetooth module but the problem persists, I can't see any visible ble module

Ciao Davide (immagino tu sia Italiano!),
ci sono alcuni problemi con marche specifiche di telefoni.
Sia @ABG, sia @Anke hanno già postato consigli e ipotesi di soluzioni, a questo riguardo.
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Oppure a questo di @Patryk_F I have an error with bluetooth on android 12, Xiaomi Poco X3 NFC - #20 by Patryk_F

hi! yes, I solved it by changing to another phone. I wanted to ask on the forum, how can I scan only certain devices, I mean to scan only devices with the name for example 'bledavide', is there a way? I tried different configurations but nothing. thank you in advanced :slight_smile:

Probably something like:

In the list of found devices each row contains the address and the name, separated by a space (i.e. a blank character).
So you can parse each row by looking for your desired string (bledavide). When found, the row shall be split in two parts at space (address name) than connect the address that is element one.