Best Browser for MIT AI2 with 500+ blocks

I have tried and tested the below list of browsers

  1. Chrome Browser.2022-06-13T15:13:00Z
  2. Brave Browser.2022-06-13T15:13:00Z
  3. Opera Browser.2022-06-13T15:13:00Z
  4. Vivaldi Browser.2022-06-13T15:13:00Z
  5. Firefox Browser.2022-06-13T15:13:00Z
  6. Yandex Browser.2022-06-15T15:14:00Z
  7. SlimJet Browser.2022-06-15T15:14:00Z
  8. Microsoft Edge.2022-06-15T15:38:00Z

and I can't believe that :star_struck: Firefox is the only one that works faster and seamlessly without any Frame-drop or Lag even in Blocks section.
Did anyone knows any browser that is better than Firefox?

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Firefox has had the best speed reports.

Suggested reading:



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Although it really all depends on the hardware of your computer, as I have tested on computers with high hardware and runs well no matter what browser is used, but it changes when the computer has a lower hardware capacity there is when you see that browser offers better results.

In my opinion edge works very well and is recommending to be integrated with the system which makes this optimized and distributed its consumption.

As for another distribution, either linux or mac, I recommend Yandex Browser or Firefox.
But yandex besides having a beautiful interface really knows how to distribute the consumption on your computer and works smoothly and without lag on low-end computers or with limited hardware.


Tried 2022-06-15T15:05:00Z Yandex Browser on my Linux Mint, but it's similar to Chrome or Brave. Firefox is the winner.

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Well, there are others:

  • Naver Whale
  • Maxthon
  • Konqueror
  • Falkon

anyway... if firefox works for you, that's great!

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Been using Chromium, on Linux (Xubuntu), for years without major issue on projects large and small.

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@TIMAI2 @Quantum
Finally as a developer, tried :star_struck: Firefox Developer Edition and it proves that it's better than all other browsers.

Based on my tests using Linux Mint as Primary OS on my Intel i3 3rd Gen PC.

  1. Firefox Developer Edition.
  2. Firefox Browser.
  3. Other Browsers based on Chrome Source code which has similar speed.

better ? In what way ?

In terms of editing speed of blocks editor (1000+ blocks)

So for "you" - better = fastest editing speed

We just need to be clear about these things :slight_smile:

When we try to move blocks when our projects total blocks is more than 1000+, Chrome will lag while moving or inserting blocks. This issue is solved while using

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By we you mean you ? I do not have this issue with Chromium.

Alert: Power users have had a pedantic mode switch turned on at the moment....:wink:

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