Working with tables with tableview, where to store data in order to share data with a pc

I know 3 ways
1- store to tinydb a list of list or a comma sepatated text
2- store a csv in ASD
3- store a csv in /Documents
What's the best solution in order to share data, if needed, with a pc ?

Almost a duplicate of this @patel....

You are right, but that was not an open discussion by me.

For what it is worth, I will repeat the answer I gave in that other topic.

For simplicity, I would export the data to Google Drive (as a text or csv file) or to Google Sheets (as data). Both methods provide easy access to the data from a PC, and it saves fiddling about with Filescopes/SAF/Android File system.

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another solution is to send the csv file by email


I like it, but how can I export to gdrive ? I have to store data in a file and share it or directly to Gdrive ?

Yes, I provided a link to a guide in the other topic, where you asked the same question. If you are already saving the data to a file in your app, then this solution is possibly the one to use.

Too complicated for me to access gdrive via web, I tried in the past but had problems with the script, I would like an easy way


What do you think about this way ?

  1. Store data to tinydb
  2. upload csv file to gdrive via sharing component
  3. download file grom gdrive to pc
  4. if needed update file with pc and upload it to gdrive replacing the old one
  5. get file with web component and update tinydb

I had never thought about doing it this way, inspired :+1:
(probably because I spend most of my AI2 life using an emulator with no signed in google account)

From your PC, you can either do this manually (delete existing, upload new file - with new file ID), or use the "Manage versions" option in the right click menu on google drive, which would retain the file ID.

This is a good solution for me when data are not important, but if data are most important (bank data) I don't trust gdrive, what's the best way for sendig data to my pc ?

Then encrypt it....

After some testing I decided to save the data in ASD. From windows I can access ASD, copy the file and also replace it with one with the same name. This is a sample code for text file.