Why My Compiled App With Trojan / App has virus

Why all my compiled app are affacted with trojan ?


On 19 Dec 19 (last update) no problem. Only today !
Then I just simply create a “Hello” app also reported with trojan. Why ?

Well, I did just tell you “why”…

What phone / device are you using (Hauwei’s A/V is known to be a problem)?
Is it a specific trojan ?
Are you using extensions, or extensions from untrusted sources ?

Just a simple word “Hello” also got virus. I m using avast antivirus.

Hi Jati

The problem is almost certainly your Avast virus checker. Avast use a hueuristic technique to detect virus and trojen malware . See these post please https://groups.google.com/forum/#!searchin/mitappinventortest/Avast$20virus|sort:date

The problem is Avast is a third rate virus checker and is very sensitive and creates ‘false positive’ identifications of App Inventor apps sometimes even though there is NO trojan/virus.

You might check your apk on virustotal.com You can see what it says about your app checked on various other virus programs

Most probably, only Avast is saying you have a virus. You can complain to Avast or you can load a different free checker.

A discussion on a different forum about Avast flagging the Android Phone app as a ‘virus’ from some years ago: https://androidforums.com/threads/android-evo-gen-virus.927186/

It’s most likely that this is a false positive if you’ve installed the companion app from either Google Play or our website. If you got the APK from elsewhere I would be less sure.

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Hello SteveJG, I just sent a simple app (Only a word “Hello World” and a blank button) which avast saying have virus to virustotal.com. The result is none of the av say got affected including avast and avast-mobile.

I also sent the app that just update yesterday also none of them detected.

I suspected MIT web compiler itself are something wrong. Maybe you can suggest to the technical team to check about this. Because all project I compile 2019-12-19 and before are no such problem.

Maybe you can help on this.

Thanks in advance.

I also found app compile after 2019-12-20 are bigger size then before about 10%. That why I suspected somthing wrong in MIT compiler. Somebody hacking MIT compiler or ??

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I am getting trojan virus affectes notification when I tried to install it on my phone. I am using oppo F11

This occasionally happens when the virus scanner is either overzealous or lazy. If this is an app you have made yourself, doesn’t include extensions,* and is built using the production MIT App Inventor servers, it doesn’t actually contain a virus and is being flagged falsely by whatever virus scanner has been included on your phone by default. You may want to use whatever reporting facility provided by the company to report the false positive.

* We cannot verify whether or not any given extension acts maliciously. Extensions are distributed by their authors and are not endorsed by MIT (except those that we have written ourselves).

It’s App Inventor itself that has the virus, not apps created with it.

Please explain in more detail the issue you are having....

You get a notification when you install Companion 2.56 on your oppa F11 phone? This might be the result of a pre-installed vjirus checker in your Indian made phone making a false positive identification of Companion 2.56. Where did you get the Companion you are trying to install on your phone? App Inventor cannot be installed on a phone; it is a Web application. Are you trying to use the Designer from your phone?

Please tell us more about what you are trying to do. Thanks.

Huawei P8 lite 2017

Android 7.0

Google Play Store

MIT AI2 Companion downloads OK

Install completes, but a message pops up:

“This app contains a virus. Please uninstall this app immediately.”

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Same problem on Huawei p20 lite. There was system message that need to remove the MIT 2 App Inventor becaue it is dangerous and infected just after it is installed from Google Play. And AVG antivirus app indicated it as a malware on Samsung XCover4s also today.

Is it normal??

I use a huawei p20 lite and also all app that I build seems infected

@carto_lover Huawei devices have built in virus software that uses heuristic techniques to identify malware. Others have also complained to Huawei.

Select IGNORA and load confidently if you downloaded Companion from GooglePlay or MIT. Otherwise you can complain voraciously to Huawei about false positive virus identification (and be ignored by Huawei as others have been to their frustration). You may be able to disable Huawei’s virus program and replace it with a reputable and reliable one. I suspect Huawei may have a list of ‘acceptable’ apps it compares with Companion and if that app is not on that list, it grumbles as a guess. Apps you make with AI are certainly unknown.

If you do not download an app from Huawei’s app store you probably will receive that surprising message.


Same problem with Huawei P30Pro and Huawei P10 since 12/29/2019, Evo-gen is reported by Avast. Both have Avast pre-installed. Avast cannot be uninstalled or deactivated. The problem obviously only occurs with the Virus Checker Avast.

BUT, I’m sure that something has been changed in the MIT compiler and therefore a code is generated that is similar to the Evo-gen.


  1. Before 12/29/2019 I did not have this problem.

  2. I noticed that the compiled APK has been around 10% larger than a few days before.

  3. I compiled my app V139.aia on 05/12/2019. TODAY I installed the resulting V139.apk from 12/05/2019 on my cell phone again. Avast accepts the app as virus free.

  4. If I compile the exact same V139.aia TODAY and try to install the APK on the phone, Avast reports the virus Evo-gen.

As a result, something in the compiler must have changed in the meantime!

I reported the false alarm to Avast via https://support.avast.com/de-de/article/229/, but I do not assume that Avast will respond.strong text

Ignoring the error should not be the solution. Once the app goes to the Google Play Store, no one who has a Huawai phone will install it.

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