Avast Mobile Evo-gen Trojan bug is back again?


Compiled a Project today and get since today the same Virus Error like in this Fred:

Scanned the APK online on virustotal.com with the same result:

Avast-Mobile Android:Evo-gen[Trj]

extension check/

There are no extensions in use or loaded.
A older version of my Project consist the virus check. The only different is the TinyDatabase and a second screen. How can this be?

Very unusal.

Avast was, is, and will be a broken scanner. I think this company has a problem with ai2.
If out of 61 scanners, only one detects a virus, I wouldn't use that scanner.
And that's about it.

Another reason might be to use some permissions that are not wanted in SDK30.

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Well, In my Opinion,

Firstly no one should even use Avast, It has already done many bad deeds,

Ref :

Its extensions were even removed from Mozilla, Chrome

Rest is on users selection

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thank you all for your hints. :slightly_smiling_face:
Will switch to AVL now. :+1: