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I am a desktop programmer since 2000. I developed a software for CNG Stations where end user enters datewise data then a PDF is generated like this

This time I am trying to develop an APP for CNG Staion owner, he will select a corrensponding date and see data in APP (Listview or Table layout).
My question is what database should I use with MIT APP Invntor to store daily data?


I am using MSSQLSERVER in my desktop software, so is it possible to use MSSQLSERVER with MIT APP Inventor?

Please help

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is the data to store only locally for the user? use a local database like TinyDB or Sqlite
Or do you like to store the data in an online database? use any online database of your choice...

don't hesitate to try a search in the community before asking...


There is also Google Sheets, which you can update through the Spreadsheet component.

Sir I want to use ONLINE database, the owner wants to see daily sales.

You already have the answer for how to use MSSql server in Taifun's last post.

If you give the owner the link to the Google Sheet, he can view it in his browser directly without special software support.

Sir I want to use online database.

What features of an online database do you find lacking in Google Sheets?

Which online databases have you used in the past?

Some one told me connection with google sheets is very slow.
I am desktop developer since 1999, now moving to learn andriod apps.
I have used SQLSEVER and MYSQL.
Still confusing which one will be the best choice with MIT APP Inventor.

A Web search for SQL Server API leads to lots of hits on how to access SQL Server with a REST interface, which in AI2 would typically be done using the Web component.

(You would be the first.)

This would be a great learning opportunity for you.

For AI2 Web API samples, see

we already have some kind of tutorial here

there is no best choice
use the one you feel most comfortable with... Firebase or MySQL or MSSQL
MySQL probably is simpler to connect, see also App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps


Thank you, FAQ updated.

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