What is the latest push notification extension?


i found some push notification extensions, what is the latest, there some running just on older devices and so on ?

i need a extension that send a messege to home screen, hey you got a new messege.

Show us the links of the Push Notification components.

There are many notification extensions, see what you want in Pura Vida Apps Extensions.

The simpliest, Taifun Notification, only supports devices below Android 8. Also, I love this Notification Style extension from @Jarlissonlira2.

See a list of notification extension links here.


i just searched on google and here in some topics.

got it and work.

one question how is it possible that the notification only pop up when the app is in background or closed ?

Java extension code.

Each extension have its unique blocks. Otherwise, there is no need to develop 100 similar extensions.

well that's not my intention to do that but well

can you explain ?

found this here ...

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