Push notification 2020

I cant use the Taifun extension. My goal is to create a push up notification but to no avail all push up extensions aren’t working at all. Help please ASAP. Newbie here.

you might want to use Kodular and its Push Notification component, see also https://docs.kodular.io/components/social/push-notifications/


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This seems good but how do I download this extension? Or do I use the URL?

I think it's an actual Kodular component, so you would have to develop your App on their platform instead of App Inventor.

Oh. So I can not use this inside App Inventor.

Notifications may be nearing their end of life. I think the EU has already asked the major players to ban them.

Us Brits should be OK then :smiley:

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We could help ourselves more by applying some common sense to things.

I have never used a notification.....

It's important for the App to ask the User if they want to receive them (Can you hear me Microsoft?).
Numerous times I have had a notification in the middle of a screen recording. Grr!
However the main issue is they are being used to sell (or offer a bogus item for sale) . That is what the EU have latched onto.

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I occasionally get Microsoft (Win 10) Notifications telling me that there are currently no Notifications.

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