Warning when select menu for Enable all Block & Disable All Block

I always thank for MIT AI2 cause to make Application easy.
I had a trouble yesterday to edit my App.
It might be Internet problem to get slow down. and I click on the screen unconsciously and executed its function.

I think it will take a week to fix it.

I had been same trouble to click [Enable all Blocks] or [Disable All Block] many times.

Would you please make a procedure to notice/warning for editor prior to run [disable all / Enable all ```]?

thanks a lot ~

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Known issue and bothersome. The worst part is the sticking of blocks from the backpack.


Hi Patryk_F~

After Right click to pop-up menu, then I have to select menu with Left mouse click.
It make a mistake sometime, because AI2 is running thru internet, when internet speed is not enough then pointing menu is delayed and a wrong menu selected and run without warning. The other menus are not impact to program but Disabled all blocks are changed to be Enabled blocks makes me crazy.
I could not verify and remember which blocks are changed.
Thanks to hear Me.

Isn't it possible to click:


Undo, Redo is possible.
But I did not recognized when selected because blocks collapsed are say nothing.

The problem is that selecting items from the menu can be left-click and right-click, which shouldn't be the case. The right mouse button is for menu opening and the left button is for item selection.

I am asking again to update my request strongly.
After I mentioned this problem, I have been troubled many times and spent a lot of days to fix it.

I think that to update my asking is same to warning when click "delete all" and confirm message to delete all.

I think that selection "enable all block" or "disable all block" is not very open.

Many of disabled blocks can not confirm without open collapsed blocks.

Anyhow, generally I don't want to make enable/disable all blocks just one click!!!!!!!!

Please pay attention with my asking to update. It's not for me but also for many others.

It is 1:17 am, mid night. I want to sleep, But I had several times to take same trouble and spent much times today.
I hope that No one has same trouble like Me.
Good night!

I have a solution for that. If you want to open a menu, click on the right side of the screen near the scroll bar.

It means there's some problems for that.
Still I am crazing with this matter. It must be my internet condition is not good. I tried so many time as you suggesting that I used to. Have a nice day~~~