Pop-up menu error

When we RIGHT click on the block screen, a popup menu appears. Everything is fine here.
Why can I select a menu item with the RIGHT button? The general rules of mouse buttons are that the right button opens a popup menu, and the LEFT button selects an item from the menu.
This bug causes that when I need to right-click, the popup menu often opens under the mouse cursor instead of next to the cursor, and then an item is automatically selected from the menu. Very often it finds a paste on all the blocks from the backpack. Unfortunately, this function has no confirmation, which would also be a solution. If the blocks in the backpack contain different extensions that are not in the project, then the project crashes. Unable to remove all pasted blocks and the application shows an error that it cannot save the project.

Of course, not only I have a problem with this, I have already encountered a project in which there were a lot of blocks pasted from the backpack.

Anticipating answers that suggest a problem avoidance, not a solution. Yes, I know the backpack can be emptied, but as mentioned above, this is not the solution to the problem.

Every once in a while the menu opens under the cursor. For example, I click 50 times and it's ok, the menu opens next to it, but clicking 51 causes the menu to open under the cursor and then a random item is selected.
The solution would be to implement a confirmation before pasting all blocks, or to select an item from the menu with only the LEFT click of the mouse.

Tested in FireFox 64-bit v84.0.1

Issue confirmed. Menu item selection should be limited to left-click only.

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