[Urgent Help Needed] Tables from Lists

Hello, I'm currently working on a password generator and saver. I've made an application that generates a random password. I now want to know how to create a list of generated passwords and save it in a database using TinyDB. I also want know how to use that list to create a table on a different screen (i.e. Screen2) that looks like this:

Screenshot (28).

Could someone show how this is done along with the blocks used. This is extremely urgent and important and I would really appreciate it if you could help me.

For the Table solution you could try Taifun's tutorial https://puravidaapps.com/table.php or use an extension.

How can I create a table using a list?

Use the the List to csv table block to convert your list to the csv file required in the tutorial used to make the dynamic table display.

Here's a sample app that uses parallel ListViews for a table display, if you don't like Javascript or extensions.

Read the article on How to Work With lists at

Also see

There is also Ken's Tableview extension

I need some help. This is the application I've currently made: PasswordGenerator.aia (11.0 KB) . I need a table to be generated on Screen2 similar to the one in first post (without the date). Could you please show me how I can do that?

Very easy from csv

You data management linking web sites to passwords is non-existent.

Your app is like a hotel registration clerk who forgot to assign his guests to hotel rooms, and dumped a bunch of unlabelled hotel room keys onto his desk.

Here's your fix, before you get into fancy table displays ...

  • Rename Screen1 Textbox1 to txbWebSite so that it can remind you what to use as a TinyDB tag.
  • Replace that ViewSavedPasswords button with a ListPicker named lpkViewSavedWebsitePasswords. Set its text to ViewSavedPasswords.
  • When you save a password, save it into TinyDB under the tag that's in the txbWebSite.Text
  • In the lpkViewSavedWebsitePasswords .BeforePicking event, set its .Elements to TinyDB1.GetTagsList
  • In the lpkViewSavedWebsitePasswords .AfterPicking event,
    1. Set the txbWebSite.Text to the .Selection
    2. Set the password label.Text to the lookup value in TinyDB for the .Selection tag
  • Drop Screen2, you don't need it.

Read up on TinyDB and List Pickers in their respective FAQs and the free book.