Updates for API 30?

Hi All,
I am wondering how to update from android 10 (29) to 11 (30) as it is now required by google play. Are there any help files for this issue?

You have to wait for ai2 updates or change the target manually with APK studio.

If you are interested, you can help us test the update to SDK 30 and AAB support coming in release nb187. More information here:

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I always advise not to upload production apps to Google Play if they come from a testserver, but......... :grin:
I have uploaded a version of

to Google play and am waiting for the review to end.

So the uploading of the AAB went well.

is update to API30 needed just for entering Playstore or for runing in Android with SDK30...
iam still confuse with it...

only for uploading a new app in Google Play

Hi is there news about it? I know there are people testing the new version of app inventor but can you give us an aproximate date?? As you know currently we can not upload new apps on google :confused: because for 30 sdk.

I remember that the last date that you said that maybe you will upload the new version was august 1 but for problems on the new version you can't upload the version. So will be glad to know at least and aproximate date just to organizate our projects and time.

I think I talk for many user of the community.

Yes, we are all waiting for it, but there still seem to be some problems (with the scoped / shared storage), so a little patience is needed ...

I can't download aab file from http://ai2-test.appinventor.mit.edu/, it stops at 100%, waiting for Barcode.
Please help.

works for me.

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I waited for it for about 2 hours even though I did it again several times, and it didn't finish!
My aia file is 38Mb.

If I'm not mistaken, the max size of the aab/apk is 30Mb.

So having 38Mb aia will not work

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Sorry, I mistyped: My aia file 28Mb.

AppInventor adds around 3MB of its own libraries, so the apk after compilation can exceed 30MB. Compile your project on the server: http://code.appinventor.mit.edu/, there is a 50MB limit.

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Only the test server contains the presently experimental API 30 code. @Nguyen_Tu_Hung can not create an aab using the code.... server. He either needs to reduce his Project size or be patient with all the other commercial developers who are awaiting release of nb187 when it is ready for general use.

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Thanks to everyone who responded.
1st time, After I reduce my aia file to 15Mb I can only download APK file, AAB file can't.
The second time, I used another 8Mb aia file, I also only download the APK file, the AAB file could not.
However: My difficulty has been solved wonderfully by AI2Offline software (old version exporting APK and AAB with API 29, I have been using it for a long time) just authored by Ramiro Prieto Alvarez (Mexican) upgrade to API 30. I have already requested him and also just thanked him.
Thanks to everyone on this forum who responded. This article is also my share to those who need to use it, please click on the following link to download and use:

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Did I understand correctly that you are using this version (3.1) that targets Android 11 (targetSdkVersion = 30)?

I have not installed and tested this version, because I'm usually using the portable version (which is not available yet).

But what code does this version use for the File component and all other components that can save / read something? If it uses the old code (like the current AI2 version) there will be issues / bugs on devices with Android 10+ (when targeting SDK 30).