From 1 Aug 2021 targetSdkVersion = 30 (Android 11) for new apps!

Important Note
From 1 Aug 2021 every new app must target Android 11:
targetSdkVersion = 30 !
See also here.

AI2 has not yet released a corresponding update (up to now). Therefore it is currently not possible to publish a new app in the Play Store unless you manually set targetSdkVersion to 30 in the decompiled APK. EDIT: You must also use AAB for new apps! (So my guide is obsolete.)



Wow, thanks for your amazing info ma'am :star_struck:

There should probably be a board category for the Google Play Store, to benefit those who publish there, and for the non-publishers to ignore.

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How about
Can it be used to generate aab for play store?

You should never use something from a testserver and put it on Google Play.

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I see... Thank you for your answer, @Peter.