Trouble Sharing My App with Others

Hi all,

I finished creating my app and I need to someone share it with my professor for a final project. How do I get this app to them? Gmail blocks the sending of apk files.

  1. What does my professor need to have installed on their phone in order to open and use the app?

  2. How do I send them my app? How can I get them my apk file? Or is there another way to send it.

Thank you, my grade depends on your help! :wink:

If your professor is aware of AI2, all you need to is send him the exported .aia file.
A Gallery link might also work for him.

Don't forget a nice informative doc file explaining it all.


Thanks. What should I do if they have never used AI2 before, and will likely not make an account? Is there a way they can see the app temporarily on their phone, just enough to play with it and give me a grade?

Build an .apk file, and upload it to a Google Drive shared folder.
Ask your prof to download and install from there.
He may need to ask his phone to hold its nose.


As @ABG told build your project .apk and upload to google drive also you can do

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Rename the APK to PNG and upload it to Google Drive:


Other places you can try to upload an .apk file to for sharing:

  • github
  • Dropbox shared folder

If they have AI Companion then just send them the QR Code and let them scan it, they can then view your app.

the QR code is only valid for 2 hours... so the other answers might be more helpful...

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