To extract a list item when the item INDEX may vary

In the list below items 12 and 13, could change to 11 and 12 because sometimes some data before item 12 could be missing.

The blocks (1) that work are too lengthy, blocks (2) are simpler, specially if I want to apply them to all the items, but these don’t work.
Any ideas? Tks.

Looking at your data, I see a possible unique key in front of each row:
base, cod, clouds, etc.

That suggests replacing this with a dictionary lookup, instead of relying on indices.

Thank you ABG. I am going to try that, actually I haven't notice the existence of the dictionary blocks before.

This looks like JSON data, which does not fit well into spreadsheets.
Here are some JSON samples:

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Thank you for these references.
I tried the dictionary lookup as you suggested and it worked perfectly. As you mentioned, this is better than relying on indices. (As in the case that I doing - extracting data from APIs - the indices are fixed most of the time, but occasionally they are not).
THANK YOU again AGB, you helped me solve a big problem.

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