Time Format Extension - Millis to [HH:mm:ss] - [days + HH:mm:ss] - [HH:mm] - [mm:ss] etc

Here is an extension to format the time / duration (millis) in different ways:
→ [ HH:mm:ss ] → [ days + HH:mm:ss ] → [ HH:mm ] → [ mm:ss ] → etc.

This is asked very often and always requires a lot of questions / answers and posts in the forum.
(Last here: Creating a Chronometer - #17 by PizzaGuy07)

Hence this extension (some of it can also be implemented with the on-board methods, but I want to simplify it:):

Version 1 (May 20, 2020):
TFormat.aix (5.5 KB)

Version 2 (Oct 20, 2021):
TFormat2.aix (5.7 KB)


Thank you for the little extension that reduces my app by a few blocks :wink:

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I added a new version of this extension:

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I'm making clock app.

Hi Anke
can I ask you a question?
How can I change the description of the Time Format?
For example I would like to change the result "DDD days + HH:mm:ss" with "DDD giorni, HH ore, mm minuti, ss secondi" (...yes, in Italian language).

E.g. from "320 days + 18:51:34" to "320 giorni, 18 ore, 51 minuti, 34 secondi"
or similar as "giorni 320 e ore 18:51:34"

Is it possible?

Thank you in advance for your answer

Of course:

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... or:

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Wowww!! awesome!!
Thanks a lot Anke :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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I would like to share my experience with the community.

Thank you again @Anke

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