Adding seconds to the stop watch while its running

i tried myself it is adding thnx!

great to hear
please provide the solution to the problem then…
this community is to help each other…
and your answer can help others with the same issue in future… thank you…


but i have a problem in that when ever i click those buttons it is adding but after a second it returns back to the orginal time

see this video :point_up:

Show your blocks.

in the button click blocks i didnt take a snap of two other button but the function are the same as button N1 and like..
and variable (k1 to k10) it is intialized as blank

This is all you need:

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Regarding the resetting problem, that stems from the data flow.
The data flows from global start_time, and everything downwards in the Clock Timer derives from that.

So that's what you should adjust:
To add to your time, move the start_time back in time by adding a negative duration to it.

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@kaushik Ain't it what you wanted?

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@Anke yes this is the thing i want can you say instead of 3 buttons(5,8,10) how to keep 10 buttons(1 to 10)..also in designer page only a label , start btn , stp btn , numbers btn and only clock component in needed right or anything should be added?
by the way thanks for solving my problem

will this program work for resetting the time?

(eli ) is a button i made just for another purpose in my program
(time label) this the lable where time will run
(control) this is a table arrangement which has all the start , stop and reset buttons
(numpad) it is also a table arrangement in which number controls are there
textbox 1 and button 2 it is also for a different purpose in my program..

i cant get that call tformat1 . durationHour Mins sec from block
is that an extension?

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thank you it worked can you also teach me how to create an extension.. :grin: :relaxed:

Fine, first close this thread by clicking on Solution.
For another question open a new topic.

ok thanks in youtube do we have an tutorials for how to make extensions?

You can use this and add second label to see the difference

stopwatch2.aia (10.9 KB)

This doesn't start at 00:00:00:000


because global minute is set at Screen.Initialize or by clicking on Reset.

i closed it

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