Time format data calculation

Is there a way to sum 2 different time format data which is in text box?


Metin kutusunda bulunan 2 farklı zaman biçimi verisini toplamanın bir yolu var mı?
00: 02: 17,255
00: 01: 10,003

00: 03: 27,258

This was horrible !!

Perhaps someone else can find a better way...

I had to split each "time" out to lists, remove the leading zeros, then add the respective parts together, then handle any numbers that went over their time (e.g. 72 seconds = 1 minute and 12 seconds), add those parts in, return any leading zeros needed, and then put it all back together for output.

All the blocks are draggable (which means you can drag them from here into your blocks editor)



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Hello kuzutu

Is that Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Milliseconds?

  1. 24 hour clock?
  2. Couldn't the milliseconds be disregarded?

It's partly because there are two delimiters - if all the delimiters were the same, all values could be split into one list.

Edit: If you just add all the values together in milliseconds, you don't need to remove the leading zeros, but you do still need to insert leading zeros for the final result.

Yes, I thought about the delimiter thing afterwards, but probably wouldn't make much difference to the block count. I also tried converting everything to milliseconds then using the Date/Time format block. This sort of worked, but the block doesn't handle daylight saving time on an "incomplete instant", and in this locale was adding an hour on. Not good for worldwide use....

I think we need a daylight savings Block or option?

In fact, imagine that Lewis Hamilton raced 40 tours and this is calculating total finishing time lap by lap..

That means the milliseconds are important.
How is the data input kuzutu? Fastest F1 Lap @ Silverstone UK = 1:27.369 (By Lewis of course).

As the new lap time arrives, add this to the result of the previous sum, using my procedure.

Exactly. Exmp..: The Result will show 1 hour 25 min 56 sec 122 miliseconds..

Input will be entered manually for 5-6 times, then there will be a guess finishing time from the average calculation. It is a little bit guessing project with the (-) (+) percentage calculation.

Thank you, i will try.

@kuzutu Try this:

Is that what you want?



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Yes, absolutely

Ok, have you tested it, does it work the way you want it to?

Yes i did and it works as i want, would i ask you to share it's aia file and thank you so much

Here is the used extension:

You should try it on your own. I've already shown you the blocks.
OK, here you go: addTimes.aia (12.0 KB)

Maybe it can be simplified a bit (I didn't want to invest more time).
If so, then show us your final result.

A little correction: