The program stops when a new page opens

Hello, I have many pages in the program and when I switch between them, it does not give an error, but when I go between this page, where I send the codes, it does not work, the program stops.

How do you send the codes?

How do you switch pages?

How many pages?

This is the page code that when I click on it, it does not open the page I want, and when I click on the method again to come to this page, it says that the program has stopped.
I have 13 pages and I used all kinds of page opener modes but none of them worked

You are reaching the AI2 Screen limit.

Before switching Screens, stop all sounds and Clock Timers.

You need to close the Screen as often as you open new screens.

I did this, but it didn't work again, I also used the block to close the page, only this page has a problem, I don't know why

It works online in the emulator, but when I get the apk output, it gives me this error.

Where is the problem, please help me

It may be a while before some one comes along on this board who can read your variable names, tags, and button names and understand their purposes.

While this board can translate your post text, and Ai2 can translate block names, those other parts are beyond my comprehension.

So here as a simple debugging rule:

  • If in doubt, cut it out.

I would start with:

  • extensions
  • sounds

So I will wait, I hope someone will answer me

As @ABG already mentioned, you do not switch screens correctly... this would be the first thing to correct...

See also tip 1 here


I used this too but it stopped again

blocks (7)

I tried every method to open the pages but it didn't work
:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

I found the problem
Just copy the page and paste it into a new page and that's it :grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

you might want to learn how to do it better...

Don't repeat yourself...

see also Building Apps with Many Screens



No App should require 13 Screens - what kind of App is it exactly? What does it do?

That's very unlikely to be the solution......

I am making 2D chemistry experiments if possible

I think so too, but it answered