The aiStarter dies not appear to be running

No simulator connections and AI companion

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You can see all about AIStarter on This Link

Restart the browsers, (and/or your OS), and aiStarter. If does not work, try another emulator like Memu Play or NoxPlayer (because the aiStarter emulator isn't the latest).

While using other emulators you can use thecompanion app inside the emulator and go to Connect > Companion in the AI2 IDE.

Wait I realized, do not bump old threads!

Why do you suggest a hypocritical savoura- ballast that sticks to the PC another program than the one you write????
I didn't ask for help with an antiviral. ok?

Also what do you think is wrong with my post, say it so moderators can flag my post.
If you don't want to use other emulators, it's fine! I have no problem.

A2: Ok, no problem.
Let's see what others say about me...
Plus I didn't even say about antivirus...

What you suggest freezes programs without even asking and the folder it sits in is not deleted after I uninstalled the scrap you suggested and now I have to look for how to delete this folder

What exactly freezes your programs? There is no way an emulator can freeze a program...
And also it doesn't hurt to be polite :slight_smile:
Lets see what the mods say next...

Also if it freezes, from which page did you get the emulators? You should have gotten it from a trustworthy site.

And so based on the way you have spoken (or written), it suggests that my suggestion will fail for everybody. I use this solution all the time and how does it work for me??? Have I went delusional??? Also If somebody else suggests similar to what I said, do not come back to me and nag me.

I apologize for being rude to you.

You suggested a program to use an emulator and I stupidly passed the one which stuck me and the antivirus that was with this what you sagest me, one which even though I uninstalled it the folder remains and doesn't get deleted, and it continues to start working even though I installed it.

Tell me the name of the antivirus I suggested. :wink:

Unacceptable if you download it through a shady site which is dangerous.

Maybe memu play is garbage, but it was good when i tried it.
Try Bluestacks then?
I said memu play because the FAQ list mentioned it.

I messaged @ABG about it.