Take images in app - Save to cloudDB - Retrieve images in app

Good day everyone,

So I made an app that can read data from google sheets. Now I want to add, being able to take pictures inside of the app, then store them on cloudDB with a specific numeric tag, so it can be viewed on other devices aswell, under that specific tag.

When I take a picture and click ok, I can see it (because I am setting the picture as camera output) BUT when I want it to first store on cloudDB then be retrieved I get an error "CloudDBError: No such file in directory" My main goal is to see it after being saved and it to be there when I reopen the app.

Here is after taking picture:

So picture is taken correctly BUT it doesnt save on CloudDB or doesn't tag correctly or doesn't receive correctly. I am honestly unsure.

This is the error I get:

And those are my blocks:

I hope someone here can help me, Thanks!!!!

There is a bug in the current release (n188), the reading of images to/from CloudDB is broken.

You can workaround this by converting the image to a base64String and save that to CloudDB. of course you will have to decode the base64String back to a binary image again when you want to view it.

If you have your image in an image component, you can use the first of these three extensions to handle things:

Fantastic, that worked perfectly.

I used the take picture as Base641 and then send that to cloudDB and now additionally to google drive. Works like a charm.

Thanks for your help!!

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