TableView Extension Versions 3 and 4 by @Ken

All my apps use TableView Extension and now i can't make any update. I'm stuck.
@Ken please please fix the problem as soon as you can.



Hi Leonardo,
Ken didnt answer or help, so i was stuck with my App Project too.
I then made the move to TableViewER.
The move itself was not a huge effort. Only delimiters are different.
But Kevin had built in CSS possibilities. I had no clu about CSS, but googled a bit and now I like it that i can edit the format of my table (which tableview did not offer).
Kevin helps a lot even, he replies within few hours.
Bye, Oliver

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Tableview extensions still work with Kodular :slight_smile:

In one of my apps there are 14 tableview. So for me is hard to change all to tableviewER.

I have more then 5 extensions in my app so can't use kodular.

I give up!!! i'm changing to Tableviewer for the joy of @Kevinkun :rofl: I know that is powerfull, but i did 6 hours of work and i changed only 5 table in my app. i had to changhe all the php scripts too and some parts of the program. Work in progress...

Why you need to change the backend php script?
What kind of data format you are receiving?

This tableviewer (even tableview by Ken ) has noting to do with the backend server.
Just feed them a list of list, then they will work.

Because i used ; to separate cells and , to separate rows (Works fine to export file in csv for excel, maybe my mistake). Now i need to , to separate cells end \n to separate rows. I have eliminated some cycles to reassemble the data and actually write even less program.It works much better no doubt about it. if only I had already started with your extension. in any case, thank you so much

Yes, you can make a procedure to seperate the data string into a list of list.
But it's not necessary to change the backend script to meet TableViewer.

Anyway, next time when you write the script, remember to return

  1. a regular CSV table format like 'aa,bb,cc \n dd,ee,ff' (to be parsed by LIST FROM CSV TABLE)
    or 2. a jsonarray String like [["a","b","c"],[1,2,3]] (to be parsed by WEB.JSONTEXTDECODE...)
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yes I tried to do that procedure but by fixing the php everything is cleaner and simpler. before i used list from csv row instead of list from csv table. again my fault. I'm a mechanical engineer and I don't understand much about programming unfortunately, I'm learning..


how can i change direction to display from left to right !!!


Can you explain more clear ? and which extension you are using?

using this one TableView_v3
when importing the googlesheet ,i want the direction of the table including the text from right to left rather than left to right

But this aia still working for you? since many users said it&s not working.
To change the direction, you can reverse the sub list.

Try this solution

Together with


덕분에 해결했습니다. 감사합니다.

Are you sure it's working? Many users reported it's not working.

TableView ..No more updates?

Not yet, for now, use this: