Swipe between screen/activity

Hi there,

I have an app with 4 screens and actually users have to click on buttons to go to others screen.
Does it possible to make a swiping system to change the screen ?
Or something like modern app where you have one activity which have a menu to show different medias.

There are extensions for swiping between layouts and also for drop down menus

Extension Links


Lost Extensions 1
Inactive Communities

Lost Extensions 2

This is a good idea to put a X buttons menu bar and X vertical arrangmenents with "match_parent" height and set them visible or not depending buttons ?

It really depends on what you are trying to achieve. Without context it is difficult to advise if it is a good idea or not.

Instead of using 4 screens, why dont you set all of the components on screen not visiable, making it look like u went to another screen?

What @Xispitojm probably means is this:

still doesn't handle swiping though....

yes, i just dont know how to show that on this post :sweat_smile: (but thanks though)

it was just an idea for him, its up to him if he wants to take it or not :man_shrugging:

Similarly, If you asked me:
"how far away is the sun from the earth?"
you would not expect me to answer:
"there is only one moon around the earth" .....

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That's what I was looking for : virtual screens !

And how implement a swiping between each virtual screens .
There is still a button method to set visible each layouts

You are back to my previous post.....

yeah but where can I find any examples ?

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