Storage Update for Android 11, requestLegacyExternalStorage

So I published an app in the Google Play on February, but now it's telling me this:

What I understood from that message was that I won't be able to update my app and it's going to be removed from the Google Play.

Was it because I used TinyDB?

And if you're wondering why I used tiny DB was because these reasons: To save the player's score in total, save the player's last game score, and to save the player's nickname.

So if that's the problem, how do I program my app the way they're telling me to do?

This is the link to my app:

Thank you.

Do you have a file component that has the legacy storage checkbox switched on?
If so then that may be the case.

No, this line is declared in each app in the Manifest :


What file component?

Do you have a file Component in your project.
Because that might be the case.

this has been asked and answered before and after a quick search in the community you could have found the answer

for example

PS: closing this thread

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