Social media uploading app but getting runtime error when trying to display

HI, i tried to make a social media feature by following a tutorial wherein one can select images from their gallery and upload it and it will be displayed with the other images the person has uploaded though the selection of images is working fine, there is some problem with the upload and the display part, please guide its very urgent !!!!!!

I have prepared a solution using Firebase Realtime Database and Storage, selecting images using the image picker, and displaying all saved images in a listview. This uses the web component instead of the Firebase component and other firebase extensions, but I have included my ImageConvertor extension to resize images before uploading (this reduces file size / upload-download time)

FBSocialMediaImages (1).aia (16.2 KB)


Firebase & Rules

Screenshot 2022-11-12 18.35.35

Screenshot 2022-11-12 18.36.02