How do you upload images from mobile to store in firebase dB?

How can I upload images starting from picking inside my phone gallery to my app then store/push this to firebase real time database?
image below is the btn that I am using that enables user to choose from their gallery.


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Hi @Rax I have some of the following links that have helped me solve problems. :wink:

Firebase storage. Upload File. Download. JavaScript. Web. Create QR

🔥 Firebase Database and Storage: with the Web Component - Secure Rules

Firebase with Web Component

🔥 Firebase Security Awareness!

🟧 Working with Firebase Arrays

HOWTO: Have Secure Rules on Firebase, and allow Auth Users to Read/Write

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I have already provided, at least twice, links to my Firebase with the Web component guide, which shows you how to upload a file to firebase storage.

You might also want to look at this demo I recently created:

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Thank you TIMAI2 and SalmanDev . much appreciated

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