Silent Install for 30.265.0 emulator

Is there a silent install switch or package for MIT_App_Inventor_Tools_30.265.0_win_setup64.exe? I just downloaded it from Installing App Inventor 2 Setup on Windows, and I installed it manually without a problem, but I tried the /S switch, which I had used successfully with the 32bit emulator; but it didn't work. /?, /h, and /help didn't show any switches in Command Prompt either.

Hmm. The package is built with the same installer system as the previous version, so the /S option should be there. We can take a look on our end to make sure that something significant wasn't dropped in that respect.


Any update on this? I tried again today and tried several other random switches: /S /q /quiet /silent /verysilent /norestart
The splash screen starts up like it's going to install (which I assume it shouldn't with a silent switch), but once the percent splash screen completes, it disappears; and the program appears to do nothing.

So I've reviewed the code and it looks like the silent flag isn't implemented in our installer. We'll have to look into that and publish a new version at some point, although in the longer term we are looking to switch over to an MSI based approach for Windows in the future.


Thanks for the update; I'll install manually for now.


Any news on a new version of the setup with the silent flag implemented? (Or a Msi?)


This is the latest news

Perhaps @Susan_Lane ,who is working on the new emulator issues, will comment.

It's on my plate, but behind GSoC preparation and user interface redesign. I haven't had a chance to look at it for a while.

We do plan to return to the emulator in a few weeks.

it seems that the Installer Switch "/S" works until the end of Installation when the HAXM module will be installed.
I suspect that the installer of HAXM is not start silently.

I have the same problem, wondering if there is any update on the HAXM being part of the silent install please

I haven't tested this, but something you could try is to run the HAXM installer separately first before the App Inventor installer. You can download the HAXM installer separately from Intel's GitHub repository:

Unfortunately, installing the HAXM silently (using the /S switch) first does not prevent the App Inventor installer from prompting to install HAXM. It will prompt stating HAXM is installed already and asks if you would like to continue the install. Cancelling out of the prompt allows App Inventor to be installed. Likewise with continuing the HAXM install.

It would be great to have either A) an installer that is able to install HAXM silently or at least check to see if HAXM is already installed before trying to install or B) an installer that does not include the HAXM installer.

Do you have an update on when we can expect a new installer or at least a different way to silently install App Inventor?

Good morning,
I have the same problem, I am a computer technician in a school. It is not possible to deploy it by hand. You should stop the HAXM window. Or create an MSI?
Do you have a silent installation solution please?
Thank you so much

Good morning,
Is it possible to have a silent installation solution please?
It's 2024, it would be practical to have this type of installation.
This allows us to install this software on a large number of computers and make the product known.
Thank you so much !

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Any movement on getting a working silent/unattended package?

No. We're a small team, and I we haven't been able to look at this yet.

Is there any update or timeline on this? This is a big barrier for mass deployment to computer labs in schools.

This is all we've heard so far: