Security threat - "my app appears to be infected. Immediate uninstallation is advised"

Hi there,
Just installed the app on my device. While launching this app, I get a Security threat alert message saying:
"my app appears to be infected. Immediate uninstallation is advised

Does anyone see this kind of message? Is this a serious alert message or there is a work around to not to see such a message in case google is not happy about the app?

Many thanks

Thanks, TimAI2. I read through the comments from the above link and surprisingly my device is also Huawei Nova… As may of them reported, the issue might be device specific. That said, this will still be problematic as there are millions of Huawei phone users who would definitely be frightened and be tempted to immediately uninstall the AI app when they see the “Security threat…” alert message as they launch the said app.

One cant change the way other companies should do business, which means there is nothing one can do with regard to Huawei. Rather, this can be one point of research interest for MIT to control the likelihood of false positives by introducing some lines of code to detect type of devices … Otherwise, apps generated this way may not serve customers …

Yes, this true. Commercial developers need to deal with this problem, not MIT. AI2 works fine for educational purposes.

Sorry, you have issues with Huawei.

Unfortunately MIT and the AI2 educational compiler cannot prevent Huawei from using the Avast software. Avast uses a heuristic approach to virus detection that consistently identifies AI2 apps falsely as being a security risk. This seems to be at the crux of the matter.

If enough Huawei users complain to Huawei, the situation may change. Encourage Huawei to permit users to uninstall Avast (they currently do not) and allow owners to use other virus software on the Huawei devices instead.

If you develop your app using Android Studio or B4a (both now free compilers)

, you might not have this issue either. However, since you are a low volume developer, your software still might be falsely flagged because it is not well known to Avast.

You might also try using one of the third party Commercial Block languages to develop your app. I don't know whether they are plagued with the Huawei issue or not. Perhaps someone using them can comment on their experiences.


I think letting Avast know about these problems is also a good idea. Especially if you can provide some technical details (eg: instructions to repeat the problem, access to the tools that cause the problem).

I am having same issue today 29.07.2020
my phone is Redmi note 7 pro
how can I solve this issue?

I am having same issue today 29.07.2020
my phone is Redmi note 7 pro
how can I solve this issue?

Just alow unknown sources
Here is a link:

I also had a "virus" in my apps.
Don't be worried :x: :worried: !