Screen again and again initializing

I am having problem in my APK file builded by app inventor. I don’t know why my app is again and again initializing a certain screen. Although, this is not happening in the AI companion. Can someone help please?coincollect_game.aia (1.7 MB)

Is it the Lose_screen?

Just add
Clock1.TimerEnabled = false
outside the if blocks but within


Yes, it is the lose screen
But, disabling timer is not working
And, the app is working all fine in companion, just facing this issues in apk file

Your win and lose screens are small enough that they could easily be replaced with stacked invisible Arrangements, to avoid screen switching problems.

Your technique to return to Screen1 will cause problems for you, filling memory. Screens must be closed as often as they are opened.

To switch screens, you must shut off players first.

Better yet, just avoid switching screens.

Win_screen Lose_screen lose_screen when rst_notification AfterChoosing

TimerAlwaysFired , untick it
Also untick TimerEnabled
And changes in blocks I have made you can see them

blocks (4)

.aia is here
coincollect_game _edit.aia (1.7 MB)

Now it should probably work



Thanks, but it is instead disabling the timer which is a major component. I am leaving a link for you to download apk and detect the problem. link for apk file

Thanks a lot, it worked, actually there was a silly problem in my code

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