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Hi again !
While I am trying to understand your answers to my latest question, I let you consider the next one :joy:

My project relies on many screens (a diary, a chatbot, an info page and so on) ; I want thoses screens to have the same menu on the bottom of the screen, so user can access any screen any time.

Do I have to program that menu bar separately for each screen, or is there a way to program it once and spread it to all screens ?

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You have to close screens as often as you open screens, otherwise you fill up runtime memory.

So it is better design to have each screen offer just a close option to return to the one menu screen.

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Yes, you do have to program each screen.

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This page is really interesting and helps me a lot make decisions about architecture of my project !
So, thanks @ABG for having sent me on that page, and thanks @TIMAI2 for having written it !
Both of you have been helping me so much in less than 2 weeks on AI2 ! :smiley:

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If you can you should use virtual screens.

So you have Screen1 with multiple Horizontal/Vertical (H/V) arrangements, and an arrangement for your menu. Each arrangement is a virtual screen.

The menu arrangement is placed at the bottom of the screen and is always visible (except possibly at start up) and the H/V arrangements are above the menu.

You hide all the H/B arrangements and then make the one you want to see visible. When a user goes to another screen you just hide them all again and make the new screen arrangement visible.


Hi again,
asking for something else in another topic, I discovered the screen1 options, among them : "theme" option ; e.g. "dark" makes a bar with the title of the screen and 3 vertical dots leading to a menu (setting, about this app, close this app) -> is it possible to add other options to this menu ?
it could be the kind of idea I had with my question here ...

(if not, the menu screen is already done and remains a valuable design)


See here for some ideas

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