Runtime Error for Speech Recognition: No Activity Found to handle Intent {act...}

My App crashes when using speech to text feature.

I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 and I have not worked on the app for over a year. Prior to this I have tested multiple times and there was no issue.

The error message is:
Runtime Error
No Activity Found to handle Intent {act = android.speech.action.RECOGNIZE_SPEECH (has extras)}

My code:

This question was from May 2021 - The Requester did not reply or show code

This question was from Oct 2021 -
The response indicates that voice recognition will not work for emulator. However I have downloaded the .apk file and it does not work here either.

Any help in resolving this bug would be great. Thanks much!

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The issue was that I had Google Voice Input or Keyboard off.

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Well done Raphael - finding your own bugs is the most difficult thing.


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