Speech recognizer not launching

I am trying to build a simple speech recognizer. Below are my only blocks.
speech recognizer is not launching and i get no error messages.
any advice?
thanks in advance
phone is galaxy a71 5g android version 11

Perhaps start like this:


However, your blocks do work for me, in companion.

thanks. had that initially but modified for trouble shooting.
This used to work for me on a different phone.
tried it both in companion and apk.
no joy
thinking some quirk with this phone

Activity starter has no roll here?

None that I am aware of.

You may need to confirm that your TextToSpeech and SpeechToText is set up correctly on your device.

TextToSpeech works. no idea how to set up speech to text. I use it when texting so i know it is available

microphone permission is set for app

i appreciate the help TIMAI2

should speech recognizer work in emulator?

The Emulator does not have speech recognition capabilities

I have checked the legacy box on speech recognizer , now getting this message in emulator



Thanks Taifun. That answers the emulator issue but downloaded app gives same error message.

searched all categories unsuccessfully


try the answer in this thread

and use this search