Records the playing sound

Hi everyone
I want to create a program with the following features:
The software opens a conference and records the playing sound and saves it on the phone.
Like recording a lecture at a webinar or virtual conference.
The important thing is that the ambient sound should not be recorded and only the audio received from the conference should be received and saved in the audio file.
Thanks for your tips

What is possible using App Inventor Blocks is described in this documentation SoundRecorder

See this discussion of similar requests and the answer

See this:
Sound_Recorder.aia (2.7 KB)

Please check this program yourself and you will notice the type of error.
I need to record the sound being played from the Android device (conference
Online) and save on the phone.
thank you

Not possible with App Inventor.

thank you
but Is there no other way to do this or something like that?

For example, by entering a user through the ActivityStarter into the conference space and in this case the audio recording?

feel free to experiment... and if you find a solution then you might want to share it with the community

I don't think so. It must be a way.
Maybe an extension or something???

Well, when you find the way to do it in App Inventor, do please let us know :smiley:

I meanwhile created an extension to capture the audio of other apps.
It works for devices starting from Android 10.


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