Reading all data from firebase using MIT App Inventor

Hi. I am trying to read all the data from firebase. The database consists of multiple lights with three variables: id, control, and status. The database looks like this:

I want to read all the values using MIT App Inventor from the database once I click the "READ DATA" button. The number of lights is not fixed so I should use something related to len(list). I want the output to be as follows:

If status is 1 then "ON"
If status is 0 then "OFF"
If control is 1 then "YES"
If control is 0 then "NO"

Since I am new, any screenshots with the MIT App Inventor Block diagrams will be helpful. Thanks in advance.

See here:

and here

There might be a way to get all the data in just one FireBase call.

What do you get as a value if you request tag "Lights", at the base of your data tree?