RE: Looking for a wake lock

I saw a post about your KeepScreenOn method in your Tools extension and wanted to see if it was something that I can use.

I downloaded the AIX file from the link you provided and tried to import it but nothing happened. I tried again a little later and then it imported fine. I can see it while in the Designer, but when I switch to Blocks I do not. Has this happened to anyone else before, and what is the fix?

Carl Aydelotte

as for all extensions drag the extension into the working area to get the blocks

EDIT: See the App Inventor Extensions document about how to use an App Inventor Extension

Once you have imported an extension component into a project, it will appear in the component palette under the Extensions section. You use the extension component just like any other component by dragging it from the palette to the designer screen, where it will
appear under the designer screen as an non-visible component.



This might need to be added in the Extension FAQ @ABG?

If you are looking for a wake lock:


The Extensions FAQ would be overwhelmed with all the extensions out there. I restrict it to extension creation and lists of other sites that try to catalog extensions.

An important extension that solves a particular problem might be add to a FAQ for that particular problem, though.

I can't think of the particular problem a wake-lock solves, though.

Sorry, I meant to request you to add "How to Import an Extension" into the FAQ, since this now seems like a Frequently-Asked Question.

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(added to FAQ)

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