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Good day to all,

I have sat down the days and put something together.
My question now would be if someone can help me and show me how I could get it so that the numbers of the upper and lower parts are added together.

I would be really happy for help.

Coin_Presse_copy.aia (88.4 KB)

Show your blocks
and read this:

Where does the upper part end, and the lower part begin?

Where are these numbers currently stored?

I'm sorry about that, that's my mistake.

4 4 5 6 7 8 9

As you can see above, my current solution is to add the numbers.
I have assigned certain values to the colors to be able to add them. With this I can then later assign the different possibilities.

A color is a 32 bit number.

Look in the Math blocks for the boolean blocks to work with bits.

The tops are from button 1 - 4 and the bottoms are from 5-8.

Currently the in initialize global number and number 2 are stored.

So if you have the sum of the top 4 in number,
and the sum of the bottom in number2,
why not just say number3 = number + number2?

But there is my problem I give the colors a certain value so that when I press top and bottom I get a combination of the colors.
That means in the next step the color combination should be displayed somewhere on the screen. Unfortunately I do not know how to implement this.

As a color?

That'e the makecolor block in the Colors pallette.
P.S. you really need to learn binary.

P.P.S. There are 10 kinds of people in the world:

  • Those who know binary
  • Those who don't

Actually, I just want to give values to the colors so that I can add them up and later show that the top and the bottom consist of the colors.
Here is an example of how I would like it.

I see from your web page sample that only one checkbox is on for Unterteil and only one check box for Oberteil.

Is that a rule, or are more than one color allowed to be checked?

P.S. What is Abschicken, an entree?

to display a color you can use for example a button component, let's calll it btnTop and btnBottom
as example let's take the color red, which is Button2 in your example... btw. for easier reading of your blocks, you could rename Button2 by btnRed...

then just add the following blocks into the btnRed click event like this
set btnBottom.BackgroundColor to red
the color blocks you can find in the Color drawer
same for the other button click events for the other colors...


Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by icon24 Taifun.

You can click on a top and a bottom and then you can click on submit. (submit= abschicken)
When you have done this, the combination of top and bottom will be displayed graphically and you will get a print job number.

This is starting to sound like it is part of a work flow.

That means there will probably be some other requirements at play here.

Could you explain the work flow?

As seen above, you should be able to freely select which combination of colors you can click together.
When you have selected your two colors, you can enter an order from which an order number is created.

To be able to imagine it better, the upper and lower part are actually just an outer ring and an inner plate that are pressed together to make a shopping chip.

If you don't want combinations of colors in either section, you could just as easily use List Picker, List Views for them, and JOIN the resulting .SelectionIndexes to get a print job number, like red/green ==> 14.

You still haven't told us about print job numbers.

Must they be unique?

Should their values have specific numerical order requirements, like reds should precede greens?

What are they used for? For filing the print job outputs? For sequencing the jobs at the printer?

The print job number is simply there for the user to indicate which print job is being processed.
You can specify a maximum of 10 print jobs that will be processed one after the other.
If these are processed then this should also be displayed at the end.

And what you mean with list picker I do not really understand.

From what you have said so far, you could do a text JOIN of number and number2 to combine them.

So currently it looks like this I just don't quite know which block I have to use now so that when you have made your selection it is added, it would be best if it would do this automatically and then I have to press another button to start the job.

Which Label is supposed to show the combination of the two parts?