Problem with translating to japanese

I have tried the ja and jpn translation code but it hasn’t work it keeps giving me an error and I am not allowed to use the google translation extension on this. Is there a way to fix this?


What is the error message? I built a very simple translator app using "ja" as the target language and it seemed to have worked (although I don't know Japanese so cannot confirm the translation):

It does show an error message because it’s a speech thing but it says error yandex translation 504.

A search shows yandex error code 504 - Google Search

The server response timed out .

What happens if you use this example

realizing it isn't for Japanese. Perhaps your TextToSpeech is the problem?

I don’t think it’s the text to speech. This is because I have other translators made and I replaced the ja with es and then ran it and it worked. Then when I changed it back to ja it stopped working

maybe TTS JAP Japanese is not supported on your device?