Text To Speech Support

Hello, is there any future plans for Turkish country or Turkish TTS support?

My device supports Turkish TTS atm. I am able to make apps that speaks Turkish in Android Studio and Thunkable. The current "TextToSpeech" logic block in Mit App Inventor design page is unfortunately outdated and shows a little number of mostly used languages around the world, and TR language doesn't show up in the MIT App Inventor web panel.

I mean, is Mit App Inventor going to add more languages in TTS blocks in the website design panel itself ?

The TTS Designer Properties selections are

for Countries
TTSProperties for Languages

but a developer can use any language, even Turkish by setting the language with Blocks
TTSLanguage :slight_smile:

Why isn't their a complete list of Languages? Perhaps because there are currently 7,117 known languages spoken by people around the world, according to Ethnologue


Oh, it is hidden feature I see , thank you :slight_smile:

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