Translate 🇺🇸 for your holiday trip

Translate for your holiday trip

verySimpleTranslateWhatYouSay is an aia framework you can use to develop a Translate app using App Inventor. The example, Simple :us:- -:it: Italian Translate translates from English to Italian or Italian to English, then reads the translation out load using the TextToSpeech control. You can hear the Translation correctly pronounced.

Three components do the translation (SpeechRecognizer, Translate and TextToSpeech). The example app uses a routine to establish whether the device has an Internet connection required to access the Yandex translate service that App Inventor currently uses.

You can change the translation language using the Translate and TextToSpeech language codes and recoding.

The TTS is currently set to en (English) or it (Italian).
The Translate code is either en-it (English to Italian) or it-en (Italian to English).

The corresponding codes for some other languages are:

fr (French)
de (German)
sp (Spanish

fr-en (French to English) en-fr (English to French)
de-en (German to English) en-de (English to German)
sp-en (Spanish to English) en-sp (English to Spanish)

Depending on your Android device, it may be possible to use other languages. You can experiment. :slight_smile: It is not necessary to translate to English as a base language; you can for instance translate French to Italian or German to French in the app you build using the framework.

The SpeechRecognizer UseLegacy box in Properties is checked.

Multilanguage translate? Certainly, code it using the language codes and provide a way to select the translation language. I made a small translate app for use in a possible tour to Europe translating five languages; so can you. :astonished:

How to use

Example: Select the English to Italian button. (You may have to select it twice) Wait for the SpeechRecognizer icon then say "good morning" and it returns "buongiorno" and speaks it in Italian.

I hope some of you find this template useful.

verySimpleTranslateWhatYouSay.aia (5.8 KB)



For 16 to 32$ a month? I don't know. These people don't seem to publish an api. Read the link you provided and try it to see if it adds value in your Project.