Problem with split block

Hello, I noticed a problem with the split block,
When you divide text with an empty separator then you get a list of all the characters in the text, but I noticed that in Android 9 another empty item was added at the beginning of the list (which means that the list has 4 items):

In Android 10 this does not happen (which means there are 3 items on the list):

When I tested it on iOS I got the same result I got on Android 9 (I checked iOS 14.3 and iOS 12.4.9 and got the same result):

Here is a picture of all the blocks:

And here is the aia file: split.aia (2.2 KB)

You will need to run a test (if/else) for an empty item created by splitting text, and remove it.

I know how to solve the problem, but I think it's a bug in the app inventor that needs to be fixed (the same result should appear on all devices).

Already noted:

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Yes, it is known and here is a simple way to work around it:

Same result on Android ≤ 9 or ≥ 10.

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Here's @Anke's method without the global variable, draggable ...


Your (more compact) approach should / could be added to the → FAQ.

(added to FAQ)


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