Post get delete mongodb

hello i want to use mongodb database with my project
any one can help with
CRUD with mongodb

Hi there,

Does this help you?

thanks for your reply
but this solution too old and it dos not working i need some thing new

Perhaps here:

you use the REST API to interact with the database through the web component

i can not find how to make REST API

Lots of examples of REST APIs at

I was using the MongoHQ API together with the web component to access the database, but unfortunately the API is not available anymore, therefore my tutorial is in status deprecated now...

can you provide a link of any MongoDB API documentation, so we can together take a look, if it can be used in App Inventor?


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i want just CRUD
in mongodb
this solution is old
i need something new
i think i can use the key in the ( Connect to Cluster0 )

hello i want to create api key in mongodb atlas but realy i can not understand how ???

this question seems to be out of scope for the App Inventor community...

if you want to access MongoDB using App Inventor, then you have to look for a RESTful API...
unfortunately you did not provide any link as previously suggested...

thats 2 kind of API keys but i can not understand how can i use it

it seems to be doable using the web component...
see the FAQ, which has been provided already by @ABG

however as it looks like you probably first should take a look at easier to access database solutions, for example CloudDB or FirebaseDB