Why is my trackpad not working?

Why is my trackpad not working?

When was the last time it worked, and what were you trying to do when it didn't work?

It stopped working today. I was just searching something, and the track pad would not let me click on anything or scroll.

So this happened when you were not using App Inventor?

I have been using it on and off all day. I closed the tab and reloaded it, and it would not work.

To be clear. You trackpad is working for other sites but not for App Inventor?

I can't use it on Google Play either

#off-topic, but if your trackpad doesn't work anywhere, then it may be due to an incompatible/corrupt touchpad driver. If this is the case, and your computer runs Windows 10, it will bluescreen with the error code DPC_WATCHDOG_VIOLATION.

The error will usually be fixed by an automatic update scheduled during inactive hours.