Polynomial calculator

Hi, in my calculator only numbers are counted as 2 + 2 or 2/2, etc., but I want to calculate sentences like 2 + 2 * 2/2 to infinity together. Thank you. .

This is an aia file, please edit it thanks
test.aia (2.0 KB)

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@app_inventor3 so you are using only 2s and mathematical operators?

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Maybe you could use Math Parser

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Honestly I do not want
Get help from plugins I just want to get help from blocks

I mean, I use math blocks, yes

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if you dont want blocks will not be able to do it...

Sorry, this plugin supports all operators such as cos or sin or tan and ...ŲŸŲŸŲŸŲŸ

This plugin is incorrect because it got cos (5) 0.283 if it could be 0.9961 please check

There are two answers, depending upon what type you use:

  1. 0.283 (Radians)

  2. 0.996 (Degrees)

The extension's output is correct, it's just using radians.
(please excuse my bad editing)

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He gave the wrong answer again and said 16.252

To @app_inventor3, if you do not understand, this would make sense, since you're still using 5 radians, but in degrees.
For clarification, converting it to a different unit will still yield the same value, and so, the result of the function will be the same.

And I also added cos to Radian at 0.96004, again wrong

You should use degrees to radians, not radians to degrees.

As I said, it isn't wrong, but it is just in a different unit. Think of it as the difference between kilograms and grams. Instead of giving 1 kilogram, it gives you 1000 grams. It is the same answer, but just in a different interpretation.

Answered with block cos 1 and without it became 0.00495 is still wrong

So how do I make it original

It sounds like you are looking to build a recursive descent parser.

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