[PAID] 馃搷 Location Service Extension

Just define all data including your variables before starting the service All variables will be used as constants while using the service

Please show us a screenshot of your relevant blocks for more advice


Gracias por responder, El detalle por lo que usted me comenta es que mis variables ser谩n consideradas constantes.

En mi aplicaci贸n tengo dos env铆os de datos al servidor uno con el servicio web en segundo plano para enviar las coordenadas y otro que se enviar谩 mediante un timer cada x segundos en donde envi贸 otros datos, mi idea era solo utilizar una petici贸n web que ser铆a la de la extensi贸n en segundo plano y aprovechar uno solo envi贸, el detalle es que requiero enviar datos que cambian seg煤n alg煤n bot贸n presionado, por tanto esta variable estar铆a en cambio constante.

Estos son los bloques de envi贸 de datos

Which means, the app is NOT running in the background...
You can try to set the RequestText again after the button has been pressed...

Also you should remove these blocks...


Hi everyone,

I have a problem with the LocationService extension (I bought the extension from Taifun, thank you very much Taifun!). When the app going to back, and then I open from the notification bar, the app restart, but when I open the app from the list of the recent the apps, the app does not restart. Its like when I open the application from the notification bar the screen initializes again. I need that when I open the application from the notification bar, it does not restart.

I attach images for better understanding.

And add block of screen initialize

block of "iniciar experimento"

block of control view (with true or false arrangement)

Any Idea? thanks for all

this is the desired behaviour because usually you like to restart the app after coming back from the background
but you could add an if statement into the Screen Initialize event like this

if TaifunLocationService.IsRunning
then "display what you want"

also usually you first define the background web functionality and then start the service


Muchas Gracias, probare la sugerencia e informare

Hi Taifun! its work! I configured the views using if TaifunlocationService.IsRunning, thank you for your help!

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Hi Taifun, I recently bought the extension and it's really hard for me to get familiar with it. I wanted to consult, how can I save the coordinates in the cloud? Redmin for example? or just leave it in a text? I would greatly appreciate your help. Have an excellent week!

In the documentation and as well in the download folder you can find examples to store the data in a Google sheet and in a MySQL database.

Also the data is stored in TinyDB.

Please read the documentation and try the examples, then adjust it to your needs. And if you got stuck, then post a screenshot of your relevant blocks.


I used the same LocationSimple file, and added a clock to it. When activated, it will save LocationSimple data to the cloud. But it only appears as (0,0)

How can I get it to be saved in real time along with the current address? I would really appreciate your help, I'm new to this, I don't understand English (I use a translator) and I don't have programming studies. Greetings!

the clock does not run in the background, you will have to setup the background web functionality as explained in the documentation, see especially the Google Spreadsheet example there

you can't use CloudDB blocks together with the background web functionality, these will not run in the background... you will have to find a solution, which works with the web component and then "translate" it to use with the locationservice extension similar as it has been done for MySQL, Google Sheets or Firebase...

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with CloudDB, but I have seen this thread Question to REDIS database (CloudDB) experts - #8 by TIMAI2 and @TIMAI2 might be able to help how to connect to CloudDB using the web component? After that I can show you how to use this in the locationservice extension...


I used "LocationSensor1" and "LineString2" to calculate the distance
And in the same block of the "LocationSensor1.LocationChanged" event, another "LineString1" draws the traversed path.
Everything is working!
Maybe someone will find it useful!
P.S. I forgot to say that to trigger the "LocationChanged" event, I used the setting 鈥渆very 10 meters鈥. So as not to write coordinates often.

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is there a latest version?

The latest version currently is version 4b and as usual you can find it in the download folder, see also the documentation at App Inventor Extensions: Location Service | Pura Vida Apps


I've downloaded it.
Thank You

It is still some scary area to use LocationSensor for my coding level. I keep this comment when I'm ready to re-try to fix the problem I posted. sorry for no response to your comment.

Version 5 now has been released
New in Version 5: Itoo integration
Thank you @Kumaraswamy for this amazing framework!

Now we can execute almost any logic in the background (no user interface components) after an location changed event occurred in the background. Please be aware, that there is no user interface available in the background.

This is the new OnLocationChanged event handler, which looks like a procedure.

The event handler will be called from Itoo from the background after a location changed event occurred.
You will have to create the procedure using the name OnLocationChanged.
Also that procedure must have 7 arguments, else it will not work. Note: This background event handler also will be called if the app is in the foreground.

Now we can execute almost any logic in the background (no user interface components) after a location changed event occurred.
Please be aware, that there is no user interface available in the background.

Some example blocks to send location data to a MySQL database in the background

See the complete documentation on my webpage here App Inventor Extensions: Location Service | Pura Vida Apps



Any way to disable these logs that are changing the NotificationText?

currently not, but it looks like an option to deactivate this would be a good idea... I will add it soon...


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I now added a new property NotificationTextLocked, just set it to true to get the constant notification text.


you can download version 5a of the extension from the Download folder


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