[PAID] GDrive: Just a Google Drive(App Data Folder) extension [$8 or INR 551]


Description: Using this extension you can use user's App Data Folder of Drive.
Latest Version: 1
Released: 2021-06-17T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2021-06-17T18:30:00Z
Permissions: android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,android.permission.GET_ACCOUNTS,android.permission.MANAGE_ACCOUNTS

Note: You may not need to ask any of the above permission








FolderCreatedEvent invoked after creating folder and returns the newly created foder's id
folderId | text
FileUpdatedEvent indicating that file has been updated and returns the file's id
fileId | text
FileUploadedEvent indicating that file has been uploaded and returns the file's id
fileId | text
FileDeletedEvent invoked after 'DeleteFile' method with result which will be either true(boolean) or the error message
result | text
FileDownloadedEvent indicating that file has been downloaded and returns the file's path
filePath | text
AuthSuccessEvent indicating that authentication was successful and returns the necessary credentials
displayName | text
email | text
photoUrl | text
AuthFailedEvent invoked when authentication fails and returns the error message
errorMessage | text
GotFilesListEvent invoked after getting files list which is a dictionary having file name as key and id as value
files | dictionary
GotErrorEvent invoked in most of cases when an error occurs and provides the error message
errorMessage | text
GotFileInfoEvent invoked after getting file's info as a dictionary
infoDictionary | dictionary


IsAuthorizedReturns whether user has signed in and granted access or not.
It must be called before using any other method except LaunchAuthFlow.
LaunchAuthFlowLaunches auth flow to get access from user
RevokeAccessRevokes access and signs out the user
SignOutSigns out the user from app
UploadFileUploads files to specified folder,if folderId is empty then uploads to root of app data folder
folderId | text
filePath | text
DownloadFileDownloads specified file to the given path
fileId | text
downloadPath | text
DeleteFileDeletes the specified file
fileId | text
GetFileInfoGets info of given folder/file from its id
fileId | text
CreateFolderCreates folder in parent folder (App Data Folder if set to empty)
parentId | text
folderName | text
ListFilesLists files present in specified folder with given filter i.e. includeFolders
folderId | text
includeFolders | boolean
UpdateFileTries to update the already existing file
fileId | text
newFilePath | text
newMetadata | dictionary

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5.How does extension work?

Get Access to App Data Folder of User's drive

First of all to access a google service we need credentials from google (will be discussed next) and consent from user.
This is how we get consent from user:

Since all the authentication happens by Google Sign In activities so app/extension will be able to access data which was granted by user.

Scopes Requested
The extension works with App Data Folder so the only requested scope is DriveScopes.DRIVE_APPDATA.
It does not allow any app/service to read/write files outside of the folder assigned to it by Drive.
However, there is no any other limit so app can do whatever it wants with that specific space.

Create OAuth Client for your app

To get Google verify your app to use Drive you need to register your app in Google Console, for which steps are given here: GitHub - mesadhan/google-drive-app: Google Drive API with Android


Is it safe?

Yes, app/extension will not request for any sensitive data.
It gets following information, on the consent of user:

  • display name
  • email
  • photo url

These are usually public for a Google Account

6.Demo Video

Hope it helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Great Extension

I tested it and it works perfectly :blush:

I would also appreciate the hard work and time given by @vknow360 on this extension on my demand.


Epic extension @vknow360


Why your extensions always amaze me ? :thinking:

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Great extension!
Working great! :slight_smile:


Another Gr8 Extension by @vknow360 :partying_face:


Hola, vi la extension y me interesa. Como me envias la extension? Como te mando el pago?

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Great extension :heart:

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Can you get direct link to download or you have to download from gdrive preview page?

You can get direct download link and also preview link.

Cool. I'll message you to buy it


Wait...there is still some doubt which I need to confirm.

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Just messaged you

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Confirmed, you can't share or view files stored in App Data Folder.
So you can only download them from your own app.

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Price has been reduced to $8 or INR 551.

Spoiler 1

Extended version of GDrive is coming

Spoiler 2

Extended version will have all features of this extension


link for buy/?

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Demo apk please