[PAID] GDrive: Just a Google Drive(App Data Folder) extension [$8 or INR 551]

Unfortunately I don't have that at this time, but you can check the demo video.

"How do I know this is working?"

You can ask someone who have already purchased the extension.

Before that let me tell you two things,

  1. This extension uploads files to User's Drive
  2. This extension(AppDataFolder version) uploads files to a hidden folder on Drive which is neither visible nor can be shared.
    If you want user to see the files or share the files then you need Extended Version.
    GDrive: Extended version of former GDrive extension [$15 or INR 1001]

Awesome work :heart:

I have only one question.

Is this extension ready for Android 11 and higher?

Regards Frank

Yes, it will work on all android versions as long as either you have sufficient storage permissions or you access files stored in shared dirs/ASD/private dir.
For more information, see this guide:

How can I buy this extension


Hi @am595777 ,
You can pay via PayPal:

Though I'll recommend to buy the extended version as that can manipulate files visible to user but this version can't.

plays 2Gb video?