[PAID] ESC/POS Thermal Printing extension (Bluetooth/Network)

According to a stack exchange post, try code page 28.

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Thank you for providing the helpful information. It seems that anyone using thermal printers is experiencing font issues, regardless of whether they have selected the correct font or not. Many languages are affected by this problem.

I am currently exploring the option of printing from images as a workaround. However, creating images tends to result in blurry prints, while generating PDF files produces clear prints but this extended functionality does not support PDF files. Do you know of any utilities or methods to convert PDF to an image for printing?

I hope @mmnettime will consider this feedback and update the application with the ability to print directly from PDF files.

I forgot to mention that AI2 uses utf-8 for its encoding.

So if your text is in a text block I would expect problems if you tell the printer to expect utf-32.


You can try using UTF-8 and also I see your blocks and you are using 27 as the codepage parameter. Try using a for cycle from 1 to 50 to print different outputs and check what's the correct codepage for Vietnamese on your specific printer.

The language compatibility is more of a printer issue, not necessarily the extension. In some special cases where users can't print I have added an example to print from an image. DM me the receipt of the extension purchase. And I'll send you an .aia with the image workaround

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I have sent an email to the inbox of MIT App Inventor. Please check @mmnettime

The AIA example you sent does not work. I have contacted you through the inbox, but it seems like you have been too busy to respond. @mmnettime :frowning: