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Maybe show us what you have tried?

Edit: Would be better if you post blocks

Test1.aia (302.6 KB)

Your blocks are trying to set TaifunAlarms multiple times, that too accounting for the default Clock1 interval, your program tries to set the alarm each second.

I know still it doesn't set it even once

Do you get a notification?
You also could check logcat to probably find out if there is an error...


I'm trying a simpler approach to set an alarm, I wonder how I didn't think of that sooner. I just play a file with the music player. The file keeps looping ok in the background but I can't get the ACK button to work in the notificationstyle which cancels the player.

Also is there a permission I need to enable to play the file ? it seems to work without it

Which version of Notifications Style are you using? Does the notification with button work normally? And how do you expect the button to work? Is it not showing or?

Extension Version: 1.7
Date Built: 2022-12-03

Button is shown but when I press it nothing happens.
When button is pressed it should stop the music player

Rarely I get a crash report sometimes when I open the app saying app keeps stopping

Where can I download the old Itoo extension with the Notification block?
The last version that I downloaded does not have that block

always use the latest version from the first post of this thread
together with the modified notification style extension



The problem has been identified and has been scheduled as a fix for next update.

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Thanks Taifun, I succeeded with the first example and the Notification Style extension but now I am trying with the following blocks without success.

Move the entire bluetooth functionality to background.
Also you cannot access UI components from background...

And use CreateProcess not CreateTask.

I did the change but still does not work. No bluetooth connection

I also tried this:

But does not work

Edit by Xoma:

Working blocks

There is no listpicker in the background

To find out, if sonething is working, for example is there a connection in the background, do you receive something in the background etc use the modified notification style extension


Good afternoon I'm trying to create an application based on your engine. I need to trigger an event periodically in the background. For the test I made an example with sound. As a result, the push notification appears in a triangle with an exclamation mark, and also plays the sound once, as expected in the background. For visualization, I added viewing of the clock timer operation while the program is not in the background - everything is OK!
But the sound does not appear periodically in the background!!!
I tried everything!
And your ItooMusic application works smoothly!
Any thoughts?

I also tried to register the button click event - for some reason the Event Register block does not respond :frowning:

Hi, in the procedue "playing" you need to remove the "x"

Also it is better to set the Source of the player before you use the RegisterEvent block.

Do you mean like that?

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